Text and Books to support the Online Classes

Texts and Books to support the Online Classes

– The Mahamudra and the Five Fold Mahamudra – A Study & Practice Guide by Lama Mark Webber

– Prayer Booklet (Containing Preliminaries)

 MahaSatipatthana Sutta, The Foundations of Mindfulness, Translated by Marine Walshe

– Long Discourses of the Buddha, Digha Nikaya 22. p. 335.
Translated by Marine Walshe, (2005). Wisdom Publications. Boston. p. 335. (https://www.amazon.ca/Long-Discourses-Buddha-Translation-Nikaya/dp/0861711033
Also available as a PDF:http://lirs.ru/lib/sutra/Long_Discourses_of_the_Buddha%28Digha_Nikaya%29.Walshe.pdf)

– The 52 Mental Factors of Consciousness

– ANAPANASATI – Mindfulness of In-and-Out Breathing (from the Anapanasati Sutta)- A Summary of the Four Tetrads by Lama Mark Webber

– THE BREATH OF AWAKENING- A Guide to Liberation Through Anapanasati – Mindfulness of Breathing – Namgyal Rinpoche, Bodhi Publishing, 1992

– BODY, SPEECH AND MIND –  A Manual for Human Development – Namgyal Rinpoche; Bodhi Publishing

– SAMATHA to MAHAMUDRA – Yongzin Ngedon Gyatso – Translated by Khenpo K.Tamphel; Edited by Kay Kandler, 2013; Songtsen Library-Dedra Dun, India (vajradrik@yahoo.com)

– THE MAHAMUDRA, Eliminating the Darkness of Ignorance – The 9th Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorje; Translated by Alexander Berzin; Library of Tibeatan Works and Archives, 1978

– VIMUTTIMAGGA – The Path of Freedom – Arahan Upatissa (Translated from the Chinese by Rev, N. R. M. Ehara, Soma Thera, Kheminda Thera), Buddhist Publication Society

– Dedication and Aspiration expressing the Three-cycles of the Buddha’s teachings-LMW