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The Vast Nature of Loving-kindness, Tyrol, Italy

September 12, 2013 September 22, 2013 UTC-8

Expanding the meditations of loving-kindness through space and light.In this ten-day retreat in the mountains of South Tyrol, Italy, Lama Mark will teach the fundamentals of Loving-kindness meditation and in addition, open up the vast scope of this essential practice through classic meditations of space and light. This retreat will be suitable for both beginner and experienced practitioners.

Lama Mark writes: “Without a strong foundation of loving-kindness all of our efforts to awaken to spontaneous freedom and be insightfully compassionate will remain weak. It is a practice of vast scope. Countless beings need our help—we are all interdependent—however, to do so we must be as clear minded, bright, generous and open as possible. Meditations of space and light move us beyond “our” loving-kindness practice to vast loving-kindness and the luminous clarity of wisdom merged with compassion.”

What to bring:
• Embroidery hoops or rings of at least 20 cm. in diameter, preferably 30 cm in diameter. Each hoop needs to be free of bumps, scratches, screws and major imperfections.
• Thin, clear, nylon fishing line.
• Flashlights with big beams.
• Yoga mat or carpet.

For enquires contact: Doris Unterthurner
Please e-mail Doris serious expressions of interest, so she can estimate accomodation requirements.

* Please note that the exact location of the retreat and costs are being determined.

South Tyrol, Italy*