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Queenstown Dharma Teachings, NZ

February 10, 2011 February 28, 2011 UTC-8

Wednesday 9th – Arrival in Queenstown

Thursday 10th – Informal class – 6.00 pm – Ask Lama Mark questions.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th 2.30 pm and 7.00 pm.
The Union of Sound and Awareness. “I estimate that many people have at least 10 thousand outer and inner stories, conversations, songs, dialogues and chatter per day; about 3.5 million per year. Please consider that each dialogue, secretes neuro-hormones shaping and vibrating our body, speech and mental-emotional patterns—forming our brain maps. It is all sound. We will discover that we can learn to replace the habitual sounds and “vibrate” and sing liberative maps through meditative awareness. This is a very powerful form of mind, speech and body yoga.” (Lama Mark)

Tuesday 15th – Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th. – 7.00 pm.
The Cognitive Process in Meditation and Liberation. 7.00 pm. Teachings from the Abhidhamma and modern neuroscience . It has been said by some great teachers that Liberation from emotional suffering is the experiential knowledge of the cognitive process.

Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th – (times to be advised)

Movie Yoga & Insight Meditation: Going to the Movies to Realize Emptiness and Illusion. Movies examined with sharp awareness provide a swift method to understand and glimpse the nature of illusion, mental creation and Emptiness; a practice of Penetrative Insight meditation. Lama Mark will give an introduction and orientation into this unusual Yoga, and then we will go to the cinema to practice and make discoveries. There will be two very different movies (at a cinema) and four classes exploring the nature of Emptiness. Lama Mark will then give commentary on a most profound pithy text by the great yogi-scholar Ju Mipham Rimpoche (1846-1912).

Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd – 7.00 pm.
Teachings on the Paramī (Perfections). The Six Paramī (or Pāramitā) of the Mahayana tradition: generosity, ethics, energy, patience, concentration and wisdom, are the ‘bedrock’ strengths that need to be developed to a high degree to become liberated from suffering and assist others. This is one of those basic but deeply profound teachings—rich like an ocean of jewels—required for all meditative practitioners and those studying any facet of Buddha Dharma.

Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th and Monday 28th – 10 am to 5.00 pm.
Mindfulness of Breathing (Ānāpāna-sati) Retreat. Followed by a Pot-Luck Supper. Lama Mark will give step by step teaching, with practice sessions, on the classic meditation of Ānāpāna-sati (Mindfulness of Breathing) by Sakyamuni Buddha. Both the Tranquility and Insight aspects of this remarkable meditation will be presented and explained.

Note: Empowerments yet to be announced. Contact: qtndharmahouse@yahoo.com

Tuesday 1 March 2010 – Lama Mark leaves Queenstown.

Queenstown, New Zealand