16th Annual Crystal Mountain Summer Retreat:

Karma, Causality & Finding our Lucid Awareness

Taught by Lama Mark Webber. July 2nd to 30th, 2016, Galiano Island, BC, Canada

Tibetan Buddhist monk prayer wheel
  • Week 1: Introduction. Transforming our habit patterns, one step at a time. Understanding and meditating on karma—a key that unlocks the door to Liberation.
  • Week 2 to 4 (3 weeks): Further meditations, contemplations and teachings on the nature of karma (causation). A three-week Samatha-Vipassana retreat.
  • Week 4: optional, The Common and Preliminary Meditations of the Drikung Yangzab Dzogchen Lineage

Crystal Mountain is very pleased to announce that for the 16th year Lama Mark Webber will be teaching the Crystal Mountain Summer Retreat. One of the cornerstones of Buddhist meditation is karma, the process of causality. Lama Mark will use a number classic texts, such as the Abhidharma, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Jewel Ornament of Liberation, and modern science, to explain this important Buddhist teaching. Lama Mark often recalls the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche saying, “the main thing hindering beings progress in meditation is not more meditation, but their karma. Free up karma and meditation is unhindered.”  The Buddha taught that understanding causality is essential to the meditation that leads one on the great path of lucid awareness, joy and compassion. 

The Vipassana tradition of the great Burmese teacher Mahasi Sayadaw will serve as the main meditation. There will be practice time in groups and individual sessions and opportunities for meditation interviews. Classes on the stages of Insight and Dharma will provide guidance for practitioners to gain lasting insight and compassion. Regular movement classes by Laurel Jacobson will assist in flexibility and energy to be clear and balanced.

The one week teaching on the Preliminary Meditations of the Drikung Yangzab Dzogchen Lineage will be taught alongside the main retreat during the last week of the retreat. It will also be excellent preparation for the three-month Dzogchen retreat starting in September 2016.

For more information on this retreat, please contact the Gisele Sabourin at: gis.sabourin@gmail.com