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April 5, 2011 @ 8:00 am April 12, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC-8

7 day meditation retreat”Just pause for a moment and try to estimate how many outer and inner stories, and internal moments of chatter we have in a day, in a year, in our whole life. Then please consider that each dialogue, each habitual pattern secretes neuro-homones and shapes our body, speech and mental-emotional patterns. These patterns become brain maps, built of countless sounds and vibrations. Who we are, who we become is how we sound and vibrate, manifesting what we say and do. We pay close attention to all the internal sounds and vibrations, hour after hour, day after day; and we learn to transform each statement, sound, image and posture into an expression of freedom and compassion. New maps are formed about us and how we experience the world.This one-week retreat focuses on exploring the unity of awareness and sound. Not only can sound soften the “heart” and brighten awareness, but it leads to profound changes in all levels of inner and outer communication. We will deeply explore many levels of sound; song, sounding of syllables, breath, movement with mindfulness and mantra yoga. These practices produce real physiological change, and confidence in expanding to a continuum of tranquil vitality resulting in greater natural vividness and a compassionate flow of awareness. We not only deeply relax through sound, but we can then cut through the illusion of sound and all vibration as being substantial, leading to uncovering essential spaciousness and luminosity of mind. Meditation is far from being a frozen state. Meditation or mind in its naked state is vividly alive, awake, loving and without constraint. With a great openness of heart and awareness, emptiness of all experience shines through.” Lama Mark

Please book as places are limited.

For more information please contact Mira at georginamira@yahoo.co.nz or 021 548 781. Costings are still being confirmed, Mira should have the info by next week.

Bella Rakha Retreat Cente, Oratia, Auckland

Lama Mark Webber Meditation Teaching in New Zealand 2011