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Mindfulness to Mahamudra, Vancouver, BC

November 22, 2013 November 24, 2013 UTC-8

We are pleased to announce that Lama Mark Webber will be giving teachings and a mini-retreat on the topic of Mahamudra.

“Mahamudra has many equivalent names, such as,”Great Seal”, “Buddhanature”, “Totality” and “Great Symbol”—”the inseparability of awareness and emptiness”. It is the definitive penetrative insight into non-conceptual awareness of emptiness and compassion. We all have this awake nature, although it may be temporarily hidden within our mind-streams.

Mahamudra refers to both the result—the realization of Mind—but also the path and meditations to arrive at this realization. There will be teachings and practice sessions to help show the necessity of developing superb mindfulness (and what that means!) and profound relaxation of body-mind (and what that is!). In addition, the classic requisites of practice and understanding will be described to remove obstacles to recognition of the nature of Mind.” LM

Schedule: Friday November 22nd: 7:30 pm
Saturday, November 23rd: 9:00 am and 730 pm
Sunday, November 24th: 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
Afternoon practice sessions to be announced

LOCATION: Vancouver School of Theology (VST) at the UBC
6000 Iona Drive, Room 300 (3rd floor)

DANA: (Donation) Support for the Teacher is given separately from the Retreat Costs, please give generously!

RETREAT COSTS: $120 ( To cover course expenses )
(Assistance for the course fee payment is available where needed)

REGISTRATION and inquiries: Saskia Soeterik 604 926-7398 e-mail saskias@telus.net

*Please bring your meditation cushion, yoga mat & lunch (Basic kitchen facilities are available & comfortable chairs)

*Parking: UBC Rose Garden parking lot.

*Accommodation: Carey Center www.carey-edu.ca/accommodation. (Next door to the VST – $80 a night)

Vancouver School of Theology (VST) at the UBC