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3 Classes in Port Hope, ON

December 1, 2012 All day

Meditation and Everyday Life

Saturday, October 6th
Lama Mark will speak about the conditions that allow the meditative mind of clarity, love, compassion and joy to emerge and stay naturally steady and present.

Insight or Not Insight

Saturday, November 3rd
Ever wonder what Insight or Wisdom means? What does genuine Insight change in us and those around us? Lama Mark will cover the topics of how Insight unfolds, the foundations, the essential qualities, real and imagined signs of progress, and that full Insight is in essence — full compassion.

Mindfulness and Loving-kindness:
The Foundations of True Insight

Saturday, December 1st
Mindfulness infused with loving-kindness―in all its simplicity and all its glory―are essential foundations of the Path to Freedom. During this one day workshop, Lama Mark will explain and give practical guidance on how to discover and nurture these two qualities. He will show us that both qualities are natural to our being. We need not be ‘heavy handed’ or ‘muscle through’ to find mindfulness and loving-kindness.
Please bring a blanket or yoga mat to be warm and comfortable on the floor. And please bring a meditation cushion if you sit with one. Lama Mark will be having us do some mindfulness explorations on the floor.

Lama Mark writes: “Without developing a high degree of mindfulness, concentration does not get very strong and for sure, Insight (Vipassana) into the nature of self and phenomena will be scattered at best. Our organisms are highly attentive, moment by moment to inner and outer things, even if “we” are not. Why not allow the natural attentiveness to open to conscious awareness? It is quite straightforward-one must train-but mindfulness requires a good deal more than technique. One must really understand where one is headed. However, to discover the natural mindfulness or lucid awareness requires us to make discoveries and relax into non-clinging. And this art must be taught. Non-clinging is inherent in every moment of awareness. Let’s learn to wake this up. When we deepen this Insight with compassion it’s one of the most intelligent, loving activities we could ever cultivate.”

All three days will be held at Cameco Arts Centre Sculthorpe Room, Capitol Theatre 20 Queen Street, Port Hope, Ontario.
Classes will run from 9-11 am and 2-4pm.
Contact: Susan McDonald by phone at 905-753-2731 or by emailing Susan.