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24th Annual Summer Retreat at Crystal Mountain, Galiano, BC

July 3 @ 8:00 am July 31 @ 5:00 pm UTC-8


1.    Teachings and transmissions on the essence of Buddhist meditation and the Path of Liberation (week 1)
2.    Empowerment and practices of Sarasvati (week 1)
3.    The Inner Yoga of Anapanasati – recollection of breath – a three-week silent retreat

Lama Chökyi Gyaltsen (Lama Mark Webber) will be offering online classes during the first week of the Crystal Mountain 2024 Summer Retreat (scroll down for details).

Details on In-Person Retreat

A detailed summary of the schedule is as follows:


July 3 (7-8:30 pm.):  Orientation to the retreat and retreat conduct.

July 4-9:  Deepening our Understanding and Practice of Bodhicitta, the Mind of Awakening. 

Transmission, Teachings and commentary to be announced and will include empowerment and practices of Sarasvati and Manjusri.


July 10 to July 29 (19 days):  The Inner Yoga practice of Anapanasati -The Recollection of Breath.

Lama Gyaltsen shares in detail an ancient way of practicing Anapanasati, taught to him by the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche. It is a rarely given and deep purification practice of channels, winds and bindu leading swiftly to absorptions. Excellent for liberation, vitality, health, and easefulness. It lays the basis for the natural settling of mind into the unity of samatha/vipassana. There will be sessions on physical awareness practices to help balance the winds and channels. It is superb for generation stage practices and unfolding the Mahamudra or Dzogchen without support. Commitment must be made for the full 2nd part of the retreat. Starts with group instruction that quickly leads into regular individual guidance. Silent deep retreat. No cell phones or computers.

July 30: Empowerment and/or transmission to be announced

This retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Applications are now being received to attend either Part 1, Part 2 or the full retreat.  Please fill out the form by April 15, 2024. Applications received after that time will be accepted as space permits.  Contact the registrar Barb Shields for more information.  

Financial support is available through the Practitioner Support Fund.  Please ask the registrar for details.

Details for Zoom Teachings – July 4-6

Four Perspectives on View, Meditation and Action: Cultivating the Heart of Compassion & Wisdom
Lama Chökyi Gyaltsen will give teachings on view, meditation and action; crucial topics of Dharma. The way we unfold and even cycle back and forth through the paths to full liberation will be described in detail. We will better understand how to discover and approach a path of liberation, and why and how we unfold, even meditate, based on our deepest held mental intentions and concepts of self and experience.
Throughout these classes, Lama Gyaltsen will give out and explain crucial meditations and the life activities that will be of tremendous benefit to ourselves and others by expanding the field of our compassion and wisdom.

Teaching Schedule (5 classes):
Thursday, July 4: 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM PDT*
Friday, July 5: 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM
Saturday, July 6: 9:30 AM
* See your time zone here.

These classes will be conducted in a hybrid format, accommodating both in-person and online participants. The online program is offered exclusively to individually registered participants, and each registrant will receive a personal Zoom link that should not be shared with others.

A class usually lasts 1-2 hours. The teachings will be recorded, and registered participants will receive links to the recordings. This allows those who cannot attend the live sessions due to time zone differences or other issues to access the content.

Course Fee (CAD):
Access Rate: $75 with access to stream recordings for one week.
General Rate: $125 with access to stream recordings for one month.
Supporter’s Rate: $175 with access to download the recordings for personal use only.

Please note: These fees do not include any donation to the Teacher. Please offer your dana here.

Go here to register.