Request to Friends, Students and Practitioners

Request to Friends, Students and Practitioners

Dear fellow practitioners, students and friends,

I just returned to the glorious Namgyal Choling Gompa on Galiano Island. Wishing you all both safety from serious illness and removing fear of sickness for self and all beings.

An Invitation: While in New Zealand I started practicing the supplementary meditation of Guru Rinpoche-Medicine Buddha from within the Kalden Drenze Guru Rinpoche sadhana. This is a standing form of Guru Rinpoche, a treasure of Padmasambhava revealed by Orgyen Nuden Dorje. I believe many of you have received this empowerment and have already practiced this glorious meditation. It is powerful for the removal of fear of illness and to overcome all types of sickness.

Over the next half month of self isolation and retreat, I will recite 140,000 mantras in union with the practice. It will be wonderful to collectively recite millions of mantras for the illumination of compassion and wisdom for all beings. We not only need prayers for removing illness, but removing the fear and anxiety of being ill and all the unclarity and harm those states can bring about.

I also request that we remember to say many long life prayers for Lho Ontul and Ratna Rinpoche, their families, community and all our spiritual teachers.

Anybody who would like to practice but doesn’t have the Standing Guru Rinpoche Sadhana or any long life prayers for our teachers, please contact Ludo on and we will make sure to send it to you as soon as possible.

Also essential at this time, is learning how viruses work; especially, what is scientifically currently known about COVID-19, similar Corona viruses and epidemics, and taking the best precautionary measures for others and oneself.

Wishing you all excellent opportunities of health and auspicious Dharma practice in these times of illness, confusion and retreat.

My love and all auspicious wishes,

Lama Mark (Lama Chokyi Gyaltsen)