Recorded Talks from the Abhidhamma Retreat with Lama Mark in Queenstown – March 7-14, 2020

Description for the Talks during an eight day Urban Retreat, Queenstown, New Zealand, March  7- 14, 2020

The Abhidhamma Held in Your Hand. Core Tranquility and Vipassana Meditations from the Abhidhamma:  an eight day urban retreat. Lama Mark captures the profundity of the Abhidhamma and modern Vipassana traditions into the key meditations. He starts with the discernment of name and form, the wisdom of causality, the six roots of mental activity—greed, hatred, delusion, generosity, loving-kindness and knowledge/wisdom— and continues through mental states, appearances, the three characteristics of phenomena and interdependence. In addition to teaching specific techniques, he emphasizes the essential wisdom of deepening discernment of what are concepts and what are dharmas; to realize the ‘bedrock of experience.’ The Lama distills the essence and view behind Vipassana and the requirements for excellent merit and tranquilly. Lots of questions and answers in these Dharma talks.

Class1-Abhidhamma Retreat-LMW-March7, 2020-morning-Queenstown

Class2-Abhidhamma Retreat-Mahasatipatthana-LMW-March7, 2020-afternoon-Queenstown

Class3-Abhidhamma Retreat-LMW-March8, 2020-Queenstown

Class4-Abhidhamma Retreat-Precepts, Tantric Vows&section on Feelings-LMW-March9, 2020-Queenstown

Class5-Abhidhamma Retreat-Meditative Absorptions&the 5 Hindrances-LMW-March10, 2020-Queenstown

Class6-Abhidhamma Retreat- Mind States & Guru Yoga-LMW-March11, 2020-Queenstown

Class7-Abhidhamma Retreat-Mental Formations & Seeing the 3 Caracteristics of Existence-LMW-March13, 2020-Queenstown

Class8-Abhidhamma Retreat-Wisdom, Freedom, the 5 Aggregates & the View-LMW-March14, 2020-Queenstown