The Heart Sutra

April 15 – 17

PrajnaParamita_LMWThe Heart Sutra: the Heart of Dharma
Essentials of Buddhist Meditation & Compassion

Weekend Urban Mini-Retreat
Nelson Buddhist Centre, Nelson, NZ
April 15-17

This mini-retreat consisting of four classes (approx 2 hrs each) will serve as a great introduction to the Dharma and the art and heart of Buddhist meditation. The Heart Sutra is a short summary of a great classic Mahayana teaching, studied and practiced, by thousands of people, many who have attained great realizations.

This teaching points directly to the nature of Emptiness: the essence of all experience, all Dharma, all things, of full Awakeness, of compassion and the essence of most meditations. It is a pithy and poetic meditation text and opens the door to a vast View of freedom and compassion.

Lama Mark will clarify the much misunderstood concept of Emptiness and show why the term is used, its various levels of meaning and why it is at the heart of meditation, and in fact, all Buddhism.

Class Times:
Fri 15 April: 7pm
Sat 16 April: 10am & 3pm
Sun 17 April: 10am

Cost :
$35 + dana / donation for the teacher

Empowerment of White Tara in the Lineage of Atisha
Bestowal by Lama Mark Webber, April 17, 7pm

Empowerment Attendance by dana / donation to the teacher

An Empowerment and instructions into this profound and ancient meditative practice of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. White Tara (she who liberates, she who protects from fear…) is a female Buddha relied on for meditation in all the Tibetan lineages. Many great Yogins and Gurus have relied on this practice for realization and to extend one’s and other’s life span and energies. Her ability to break through repetitive patterns, penetrate fear states, protect from harm, heal and prolong life are legendary.

Nelson Buddhist Centre, 87 Nile St (Opposite Central School)

021-220 0974