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The Sixty Qualities of Buddha’s Speech, Galiano Island, BC

July 9, 2011 @ 8:00 am July 30, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC-8

THE ANNUAL CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN SUMMER RETREAT with Lama Mark WebberLama Mark has been requested to give teaching and a retreat on the Sixty Qualities of Buddha’s Speech.“Through Compassion and Wisdom an extraordinary range of communication is possible. The sixty qualities of Buddha’s speech, as described in texts is astounding in its range and depth. Yet, we can all strive to garner and develop these qualities for the benefit of ourselves and all beings. In this meditation retreat we will explore many types of communication, both inner and outer, to craft ever deeper, richer, wiser moments of speech and communication. We will ask some fundamental questions: Why speech? Why communicate? Inner and outer sounds; what is the range and what do these tones do? How did communication and speech evolve and to what degree can we elevate it? In asking these questions we will keep returning to the descriptions of the 60 qualities or ‘tones’ of Awakened Speech and see if we can bring forth, even a little, each one. There will be four Empowerments bestowed in this retreat: Guru Padma Sambhava, The Immutable Sarasvati, Nang of Vajra Yogini and Ahm Gtsug Vajrapani. To refine our speech, like refining gold from its ore, we purify both inner and outer narrative stories or dialogues—the ‘tones’ of mind. This process of awareness and purification leads to profound changes in our physiology and experience.” LM

Also, throughout the retreat Lama Mark will give an oral transmission as well as teachings on The Root Text of: The Three Words that Strike the Vital Point (Thsig gsum gnad brdeg) by Paltrul Rinpoche

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Crystal Mountain, Galiano Island, BC, Canada