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Crystal Mountain’s 15th Annual Summer Retreat on Galiano Island

Chenrezig: meditations and study to unfold great compassion and wisdom for all beings

July 5, 2014 August 2, 2014 UTC-8

Lama Mark will be dedicating the 2014 Summer Retreat to the practice and study of Chenrezig (Skt. Avalokitesvara). Planned are the bestowing of at least three Empowerments of different forms and practices of Chenrezig. The first practice will be Thousand Armed Chenrezig and the traditional multi-day fast. (“Please note that the multi-day fast is optional and you are not required to fast in order to attend.” ) The majority of the month retreat will be the practice of the Four-Armed Chenresig from the lineage of the great Treasure Revealer, Lho Nudin Dorje. The retreat will close with the Empowerment of a Red Chenrezig, called “Stirrer of Samsara’s Pit”. In addition to meditation practice, Lama Mark will be giving teachings on the essential foundations of the Path to Liberation, with emphasis on Bodhicitta. To help participants contemplate compassion for a vast range of sentient beings, Lama Mark will hold explorations in his laboratory and lead some biological field studies.

“Chenrezig is a meditational deity famous for it’s wide application and great benefits for all practioners. Chenrezig is a manifestation of the pristine unity of Enlightened compassion and wisdom; the heart of Bodhicitta. It is traditional to dedicate one’s self to a deep practice of Chenrezig to build strong declaration in one’s aspiration to be fully compassionate, with a profound depth of wisdom to aid all sentient beings out of afflictive emotions caused by grasping at forms and concepts. In a quality of pure aspiration and practice countless beings will be supported by our practicing and studying together.” (LM)

For more information about Lama Webber, please visit his website at markwebber.org

Contact Information:

Susan – vanasselt.susan@gmail.com

Leslie – brunswick007@arjanvanasselt

Lama Mark Webber will be continuing the Sunday morning classes on Galiano Island throughout the month of July.  This is a series of teachings on the stages of the Path of Liberation and the progress of Meditation.   Classes conclude with a group meditation. These classes are open to anyone interested in the exploration of Dharma.

The schedule for July is as follows,

July 6th: 9:30 am
The authorization Empowerment of Two Armed Red Chenrezig in the form of the Stirrer of Samsara’s Pit.
(Please arrive 15 min. early)

July 13th, 20th, and 27th: 9:00 am

Teachings on the stages of the Path of Liberation and the progress of Meditation

455-2555 Cook Rd., Galiano Island, BC

Kim Lenglet (250)539-5603
Libby McClellant (250) 539-4000