Donation for Translation

Thank you for donating to our translator Dieter Schindler. Please choose for your money transfer the bank of your preference either in Canada (in CAD) or in Switzerland (in €) :

For transferring donations in CAD$:

Bank-Address:                  Royal Bank of Canada, 395 TRUNK RD, DUNCAN, BC V9L 2P4, Canada

Account-Holder:              Michael Gohl

Account-Number:           01760-5103809

SWIFT:                                 ROYCCAT2

ABA routing nr.:               021000021

BIC:                                       003-01760

Or by e-Transfer to

For transferring donations in Euros:

Bank-Address:                  UBS Switzerland AG, CH-8098 Zürich, Switzerland

Account Holder:               Michael Gohl

Account-Nr.:                      257 -514255.40C (account in € Euros!)

IBAN:                                    CH02 0025 7257 5142 5540 C

BIC:                                       UBSWCHZH80A