Donation for Translation

Thank you for donating to our translator Dieter Schindler. Please choose for your money transfer the bank of your preference either in Canada (in $US) or in Switzerland (in €) :

For transferring donations in US$:

Bank-Address:                  Royal Bank of Canada, 395 TRUNK RD, DUNCAN, BC V9L 2P4, Canada

Account-Holder:              Michael Gohl

Account-Number:           01760-4513057

Interac eTransfer:  

SWIFT:                                 ROYCCAT2

ABA routing nr.:               021000021

BIC:                                       003-01760

For transferring donations in Euros:

Bank-Address:                  UBS Switzerland AG, CH-8098 Zürich, Switzerland

Account Holder:               Michael Gohl

Account-Nr.:                      257 -514255.40C (account in € Euros!)

IBAN:                                    CH02 0025 7257 5142 5540 C

BIC:                                       UBSWCHZH80A